Worst. Unsubscribe. Ever.

Last month I shared the best unsubscribe ever.

This week, I bring you …

The worst unsubscribe ever.

Hertz Unsubscribe
Can’t see image? View “live” unsubscribe page here.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Not the good wow, in this case.

How many “Yikes, that’s terrible!” things do you notice on the Hertz unsubscribe page? Please mention them in the comments below.

Thanks to Jason Keath for sharing this with me. I try to showcase mostly good email marketing examples on this blog, but sometimes it’s important to see the bad as well. Don’t you agree?

DJ Waldow
Waldow Social

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The worst I have come across is Austin Reed (the clothing company).  I've e-mailed then 5 times asking to unsubscribe as their 'unsubscribe' button doesn't work.  No luck.  Still receiving their spam mail.


I feel like they took at look at how the IRS operates and copied the IRS forms. Can they not just speak english? 


I don't even think that page is compliant?


Where to begin?! After my eyes recovered from the harsh design, I couldn't get past "If you wish to stop receiving e-mail from Hertz at your e-mail address …" As opposed to no longer wanting to receive email at my home address?


That's got to be one of the worst I've ever seen! I'd be interested to see their complaint rate, because I think after seeing that form, recipients who do want to unsubscribe would be tempted to hit 'junk'. 

PS - I noticed at least 8 'Yikes..' things. For me, the worst has got to be the overuse of unnecessarily lengthy text - it's so off-putting.


That is ridiculously AWFUL!! Hope Hertz gets the memo.