Why Should I Like Your Facebook Page?

Why should I like your Facebook page? Really. It’s a serious question. What’s in it for me?

I realize it’s a simple click and BOOM, I like you. In some cases, I have to do a bit more work and type in a URL or do a search (that’s another blog post). Either way, the act of liking a company on Facebook falls on the “easy” end of the spectrum.

As I was sucking down my 2nd cup of coffee at my local Starbucks the other day, I saw this flyer:
Foothill Village Facebook Flyer

Before I break down this flyer, please note that Foothill Village is the shopping/business center near my house. Starbucks is one of the businesses within Foothill Village.

Why This Flyer Worked (for me)

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I love this flyer. Why? I’m glad you asked. 4 reasons:

1. It includes a nice picture depicting community. Similar to a blog post, something visual is important. It caught my eye. I immediately smiled and thought about my family, about community. I’m guessing that’s the emotion they were going for.

2. It has a clear call to action – “Join the Foothill Village Facebook Community Today!” Too often I see a crazy-long call to action – one that’s unclear and confusing. This one is simple and straightforward. I know exactly what they want me to do.

3. It tells me, briefly, what’s in it for me, “Free Gifts & Discounts.” As mentioned above, this is a big one. I need a reason to take that extra step. Just like we preach in email marketing, set some expectations. Sure, they could have expanded on the types of gifts and discounts they would provide, but this was enough (for me) to like them.

4. It includes the full URL to their Facebook page. We often assume that by dropping the Facebook icon on marketing collateral (snail mail, flyers, television ads, email marketing campaigns, etc) people know instinctively what to do. Don’t make that assumption! Don’t make me work for it. Keep it simple. Spell it out.

Some More Thoughts

Once nice addition to this flyer could have been a QR code*. From a design standpoint, they could have moved over the call to action copy and dropped in a QR code. Ideally, this QR code would have linked to a nice mobile version of their Facebook page. Staying consistent with the theme of the flyer, potential “likes” would have another option (a relatively easy one) to like their Facebook page.

*Personally, I’m a fan of 44doors (disclaimer, I use them and their CMO – Tim Hayden – is a good friend of mine). In fact, the entire back of my new business cards will be a 44Doors QR code!

Don’t forget offline! Remember that while many of us (myself included) spend an inordinate amount of time online, much of the world still lives offline. I patronize my local Starbucks 3-5 times per week. If that ad was somewhere online, I would have likely missed it.

Be sure that your ad fulfills your promise. I told you earlier that I loved the “What’s In It For Me?” call to action. However, when I did go to their Facebook page, this is what I saw.

Foothill Village Facebook Page

Notice what’s missing? WHERE ARE MY FREE GIFTS & DISCOUNTS!?! To be fair to Foothill Village, this page is clearly new (40 likes). In fact, by the looks of it, they may have launched it this week! One suggestion could be to like-gate that page. The image could even be the same as the flyer. Simple, right? Even better, once people like the page, they could provide a coupon/discount for one of the businesses in Foothill Village (I vote for Starbucks!).

Kudos to the folks at Foothill Village for launching their Facebook page. I love that they chose to use a flyer – one with a clear, direct, simple “what’s in it for me?” call to action – to spread the word. I already love the mix of content they are posting – pictures, links, questions, etc. Well done! I’m anxious to see how this page grows over time. I’m looking forward to those free gifts & discounts.

DJ Waldow


Hello, I am indeed the Artist of that Flyer and am glad it has gotten so much attention! I pride myself in being creatively straight forward! So glad I could inspire a wave of agreement upon the Facebook "like" community.


I've been saying this for years, and am glad that you agree. We always abide by WIIFM!


Thanks for your write up:) It was very informative.

I like their flyer and the call to action to their Facebook but they are missing a huge part of their marketing: Their website (http://www.foothillvillage.com/ ) Their website is not very interactive and has no fun pictures... On top of that, their Facebook icon (and other social media icons, for that matter,) aren't found anywhere... They shouldn't substitute their website with their Facebook Page.


DJ (@djwaldow), well done! I agree with you and it's one thing I work on with clients and my experience with Facebook. My only question to you is HOW do consumers know the best "product" to offer? There's tons of ideas similar to FourSquare specials. I think as a company, brand, etc. you need to look at your competitors and what they offer. Musicians have offered first views of their new music videos! That's genius! There's a value there that you can only get on Facebook, right? They funnel in the likes from Twitter, Google +, etc.

Using this message of "Free Gifts and Discounts" could throw a lot of people off depending on the product, brand, etc. Essentially brands who I assume lack SM knowledge use that tactic to get more likes and the messages sent out are identical to their e-mail blasts. So what are you really getting?

What I'm eluding to is the message attached to your Facebook should attract a specific audience. The message should be unique and ONLY to those on Facebook. Stay away from e-mail, Twitter and all other avenues. For me, there are companies, brands, etc. that I LIKE on Facebook but will not follow on Twitter since they either provide the same content or they link their accounts.

As a Twitter nut, I'd add the incorporation of self made hashtags. How awesome would it be to see a flyer with #FoothillVillage?

Overall, good post! Glad we connected on Twitter. Keep it going!

djwaldow moderator

Chelsea! So glad you found this post & commented. Curious...how *did* you find it?

If "creatively straight forward" was your aim, you nailed it! Love to hear how this campaign is working out for Foothill Village. Any updates you can provide me / this audience?

djwaldow moderator

Excellent point. I was going to include that point in the blog post, but didn't want the focus to be too much on their website - really more on the flyer. That being said, it's certainly important when you look at the big picture. Just like anything marketing/sales related, one kink in the process can make the entire experience negative for the user/consumer/client. Thanks for pointing that out.

djwaldow moderator

@Caleb_Mezzy Not sure I agree 100% that the message / CTA has to be different for each channel. That's certainly one approach; however we have to remember that not all communications are seen by everyone. In other words, I may miss the "special offer" on Facebook, but I see it (the same one) in an email.

However, for "super SM users" this could definitely be the case.

Thanks for your comments!


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