Using an iPhone App to Grow Your Email Marketing List

There I was, minding my own business, jamming out to Thriller with my 22-month old.

Pandora’s iPhone app was doing it’s job.

Suddenly … BAM!

I see this:

Pandora Email Opt-InWhat you are seeing to your left is a screenshot of my iPhone. On it is the cover Michael Jackson’s Thriller album playing on Pandora.

Blocking the bottom 3/4 of the album cover is a pop-up. However, it’s not just any pop-up. It’s an email registration pop-up! On top of that, it’s not a pop-up to subscribe to Pandora’s emails. Nope. It’s an email subscription option for Southwest Airlines and Cheapflights, presumably partners of Pandora.

Now I have to say, as an email marketing guy, seeing an email subscription option on Pandora’ iPhone app got me a bit pumped. It’s further proof that email is not dead. For someone who works with clients to ramp up their email marketing, this is a good thing.

At this point, you may be thinking … it’s a pop-up! I HATE pop-ups. So do I, for the most part. However, they work. Just ask Chris Penn (be sure to read his follow up post on selective popups). Whether or not the email marketing purists like to admit it, sometimes breaking the “rules” of email marketing delivers results.

To be fair, I have no idea if this Pandora iPhone app pop-up worked to drive new email registrations for Southwest Airlines and/or Cheapflights (If anyone from SWA or Cheapflights is reading this, we’d love if you can share some results in the comments below!). However, I love that they are testing it. I love that SWA and Cheapflights value email marketing enough to test out creative ways to grow their email list. After all, if you don’t have an email list … you don’t really have an email program.

What are you doing to grow your email marketing list? Is your email sign up form clear and obvious on your website? Do you take advantage of social media to grow your list? Are you doing something creative like Sephora? Perhaps you are leveraging SMS to grow your list like Red Mango.

Please share some of your tips and tricks for growing your email list in the comments below.

Remember: Without a list of email address in your database, there is no such thing as email marketing.

DJ Waldow


@djwaldow Interesting App post today - I think Pontiflex powers all of that stuff for them