More Proof That Email Marketing Is Not Dead

In just about every single email marketing presentation I give, I lead with some stats proving that email marketing is far from dead. I usually cite data from ExactTarget’s Subscribers, Fans, and Followers 2012 Channel Preferences Survey (download it here).

The one quote that jumps out at me is this:

A staggering 77% of consumers told us that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. This dwarfs both text messaging (5%) and social channels (6%) while further highlighting how email has become the principal channel that consumers use to manage interactions with brands.

In case you missed it, let me bold the key part of that quote: 77% of consumers told us that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.

Email marketing is far from dead.

A few days ago, Evernote provided some proof to back up that statement. They sent an email to all customers (top half below) letting us all know that they reset our passwords.

Subject Line: Evernote Security Notice: Service-wide Password Reset

Evernote email

It would seem as though Evernote read the ExactTarget study.

They channel they chose to communicated this very very important information to all users was … email.

To be clear, that is not to say that social media is not also an important channel. With nearly 200,000 followers, Twitter is not something that Evernote can ignore. However, notice how they used Twitter to communicate this news.

This was the first tweet mentioning the service-wide password reset:

If you click on the link in that tweet, it points to this blog post.

At the very top of that blog post is the following sentence:

The following blog post is also being sent to all Evernote users as an email communication.


As can be seen in the screenshot below, Evernote sent a total of 4 tweets referencing the password reset. The first one pointed to the blog post. The second pointed to another article on its site. The third informed all followers that an email was sent. And the forth thanked everyone.


The bottom line is this: The Evernote Team knew that email was going to be the best channel to communicate this very important news to all of its customers.

Viva la email marketing!

DJ Waldow
Waldow Social

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Certainly not dead, for those with a healthy newsletter following, etc the ROI from e mail offers, etc can be excellent :)

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