Finally: A HUMAN Email Subscriber Preferences Page

The secret to email marketing is simple:

Send timely, targeted, valuable, HUMAN emails to people who want them. (tweet this)

But “human” does not have to be limited to just the actual email marketing message. Smart companies weave some human into all aspects of the (email) marketing experience … even when someone goes to change their subscriber preferences – or (gasp!) opt-out.

As you saw with Hubspot’s Best. Unsubscribe. Ever. you can include a fun video as part of the post-opt out experience. However, why wait until someone unsubscribes to have a bit of fun?

According to their Twitter bio, Bonobos has “Better fitting mens clothes. Spectacular customer service. (Personally, I refer to them as a “hip” men’s clothing store based in NYC)

Either way, the Bonobos opt-DOWN subscriber preferences page is out of this world.

Bonobos Subscriber Preferences Page
Can’t see the image? Go here for a larger version.

What do I love so much about this opt-down form?

It’s funny.
It’s witty.
It’s practical.
It has many options (but not too many).

But most importantly, Bonobos has been able to “consistently [save] 25% of [their] opt-out bound subscribers, converting them into a lower-cadence frequency option and keeping them on the list.” Read more in this killer case study from their email partner, Email Aptitude.

Have you seen any other kick ass examples of HUMAN email marketing programs? If so, please share them with me in the comments below … I’m on a bit of a “human” kick these days.

DJ Waldow
Waldow Social

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