How to Grow Your Online Community Using Email Marketing & Social Media

As my friend, colleague, and founder/CEO of Blue Sky Factory, Greg Cangialosi said over four years ago, email marketing is the digital glue of social media.

I could not agree more.

In fact, I often refer to email marketing as Batman and social media as Robin.

In a 17-page guide I wrote last month for eConsultancy – Online Communities Part Three: Growing the Community – I uncover exactly how email marketing – the “digital glue” of new media – can be used to grow your online community.

Note: This is part three in a four-part series. The first report, Starting a Community, focused on establishing communities. The second report, Engaging Your Community Across Multiple Platforms, developed on that base and explored ways to engage, grow, and leverage your community.

This third report:

  • Dispels the myth that email marketing is dead
  • Discusses how email marketing is the digital glue of social media
  • Explores ways in which email marketing and social media go together like Batman and Robin to help grow online communities

Part 4 of the Online Communities series – Leveraging Your Community; Feedback, Support and Sales is coming later in the year, and will dive into ways to take advantage of the online community you’ve worked so hard to build.

The report is available for free (yes FREE) … if you register for eConsultancy as a Bronze member. Assuming you type relatively quickly, the registration process should take no more than 67 seconds. If you use Google Chrome’s autofill feature, it will take you less than 17 seconds. I promise.

Register and grab your free copy of the report now.

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DJ Waldow
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April Adams
April Adams

Hi DJ Waldow! Email marketing and social media = Batman and Robin! I have to agree with that one. With millions of people checking their emails and social media accounts everyday, your campaign for creating your online community will surely be a success.