How To Write A Human Email Marketing Newsletter

Getting someone to actually read your email, let alone open it, can be a major challenge. Inboxes are already overcrowded. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

A compelling subject line is important.

However, once someone opens your email, how do you get them to actually read it? How do you get them to click? How do you get them to take the action you want them to take?

Answer: You do what Jason Keath of Social Fresh did with his recent email marketing newsletter.

I received the following email from Social Fresh on Wednesday morning. Besides the From Name (Social Fresh, a company that I know, love, and trust … and who sends valuable content 99.9% of the time), the subject line was what jumped out of my inbox and caused me to open the email:

You know you want Don Draper to write your tweets

Then there was the actual email. Check it out:

Social Fresh Email (top half)

Note: This is only the top half of the email. To see the full-version … with active links, go here (or click the image above).

Wow. Wow. Wow.

What a great email.

Jason didn’t waste any time continuing with the Don Draper theme he started in the subject line. The first few paragraphs of text read,

You might have heard rumors.

You have probably been stockpiling canned goods so you don’t have to leave the house.

Yes, it is true. A new season of Mad Men is coming.

I’m so psyched about it, I decided to explore the idea of what Sterling Cooper would be like as a social media agency. The responses we got were hilarious, read them all here and add your own.

The remainder of the email included links to the seven resources that Jason recommended for this week. Notice that, other than the first link in intro, none of the other links point to Social Fresh. Instead, Jason shares content from other resources that he believes his subscribers will find valuable (note: looking at click-through data will confirm which links resonated the most with his list).

Jason did include a plug for his webinar – with a nice bracketed call out [WEBINAR Tomorrow] so that it stood out more. He also included a link to an eBook (again, bracketed to stand out from other links). As you can see, this link was also sponsored. But it was done in a classy way.

While all of that is great and all plays into why this is a wonderful email, it’s still not what makes this one of the best email newsletter I’ve ever read.


What makes this an incredibly awesome email is that it was written by a human for other humans!


Check out what Jason wrote next to a few of the links:

3. Epic Content Marketers: 20 Women Who Rock
Ok guys. Fellow members of the Man Club. It might be time to hang up our content hats. These women know what they are doing. Awesome post from Joe Chernov.

5. Why Every Business Should Be On Pinterest
I hear Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting. I assume because his schedule is too full with appearances on Pinterest, right? I can’t fully agree with the headline, but Pinterest gets more interesting to me everyday. Worth a read.

Do you see what I mean? Jason took the time to not only curate content – content he believes his subscribers will find valuable – he also took that extra, ever-so-important step to write a few sentences of copy that humanized the article. He wrote a snippet that enticed me to click-through.

That, my friends, is how to write an email marketing newsletter.

Want to see more emails from Jason and Social Fresh? Join thousands of daily subscribers and receive Social Fresh articles direct to your inbox. Actionable content for marketers on social media.

DJ Waldow
Waldow Social

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