Free Email Marketing Review: Direct Buy

On occasion, I do FREE (yes free) email reviews (click that link to find out how you can get yours). Dylan Murphy sent me a recent email from Direct Buy. One thing I just noticed – unless I’m missing something – is that there does not seem to be a way to subscribe to the Direct Buy weekly emails. It would appear you first have to create an account and become a member. Again, I could be missing this. Also, how do I become a member?

However, I’m not here to critique their website. Instead, the goal of this blog post is to showcase a 5-minute screencast review I did of a recent Direct Buy email. So, as promised, check out the review below.

Having trouble seeing the video? Try watching directly on Screenr.

If you are more of the “I learn by reading” type, below are some of the highlights of the video review:

What I Love About This Direct Buy Email

  • Subject Line: While it’s a bit on the long side, the subject line gives a pretty clear idea of what to expect when it’s opened. Side note: You may want to “break the rules” and test out longer subject lines. Email marketing guru (& solid guy), Dela Quist, would argue that when it comes to subject lines, length is everything
  • Length: I like that this email is short, direct, and to the point. However, that’s just a personal preference due to my short attention span. Wait. What were we talking about again?
  • Look and Feel: This email was very clean – just a few colors, no crazy images, nothing flashing or in your face.
  • Links and Buttons: I really love that this email gives readers the choice of clicking a link or pressing a button to “Learn more” (read the article on its website). Giving subscribers a choice is usually a good thing. Also, it allows them to test which call to action drives the most clicks!
  • Social Connection (Facebook): Direct Buy does something with its “Like Us on Facebook” button that I don’t see too often. They gave a reason – an incentive – to head over to its Facebook pager and click “like.” Nicely done!

What’s Missing From the Direct Buy Email

  • Social Connection (Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube): Considering it did such as nice job with the “Why like us on Facebook” call to action, I thought the reason why to follow on Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube could have been stronger.
  • Social Sharing Options: This content has the potential to be very sharable, yet I don’t see any way to (easily) do this. Now, it could be because the Direct Buy email service provider does not include that option. However, I think it’s a missed opportunity.

As you can tell from the notes above – as well as the screencast review – I loved this email from Direct Buy and would not do a ton to change it. Of course, I’m always interesting in what types of testing its doing as well as the metrics around how this email (and others) performed. Maybe Dylan would be willing to share that information with us?

What do YOU think? Did you love this email? If not, what would you change? Please weigh in below in the comments.

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DJ Waldow