Email Marketing is Far From Dead

There is no arguing that social media is hot. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, [insert new social media app/platform of the day] are getting all the press these days. If you watch Anderson Cooper 360, he goes to nearly every commercial break reminding views to find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Some days it feels like Sportscenter doesn’t interview athletes anymore. Instead, they quote Tweets.

Nobody seems to be talking about email marketing — and that’s a mistake.

ExactTarget, an Email Service Provider based in Indianapolis, just released it’s latest Subscribers, Fans, and Followers report titled, “The 2012 Channel Preference Survey.” I recommend you download it – now (yes, you have to fill out a form in order to grab a copy – well worth the exchange).

This 36-page report is chock full of charts and data – most of it pointing to the fact that consumers overwhelmingly prefer to hear from brands through … email. As they say in download landing page,

Just because an increasing number of consumers are using a particular communication channel—like text messaging, Facebook, or Pinterest—DOESN’T necessarily mean they want to hear from your brand in that way.

Email is far from dead. Check out this chart on how often folks use each channel:

As they point out, email is “the number one direct channel in terms of daily use and consumer preference for both personal and marketing communications.”

I know what you are thinking: Email is not the same as email marketing. Very true. Email tends to be personal (one to one), while email marketing is from an individual or brand to many – those who have opted in to receive their emails.

While the study shows consumers’ preference for email as a personal communication has dropped 21% since 2008 (while their preference for text messaging and social media have grown 20% and 10%, respectively), email is still the preferred channel (45% for email to text’s 36% and social’s 13%).

However, when it comes to email marketing – this is what has me excited and what should get you (re)thinking about where you’re allocating marketing dollars: Consumers’ preference to receive permission-based marketing through email has increased 5% since 2008. What? I thought email marketing was dead? Nope.

A staggering 77% of consumers told us that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. This dwarfs both text messaging (5%) and social channels (6%) while further highlighting how email has become the principal channel that consumers use to manage interactions with brands.

The ExactTarget study has a ton more charts, data, and interesting stats – many that will surprise you. Did I mention the report is free? Download your copy now.

Email marketing: Alive and thriving, not dead.

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