Only Influencers: The Best Network For Digital Marketers

Only Influencers (“OI”) is a private, invite-only network for digital marketers. Founded by entrepreneur, digital marketing maven, and personal friend Bill McCloskey, Only Influencers’ is mostly focused in the email marketing space, yet is starting to include social and mobile as well.

If you are associated in any way with email (or digital) marketing, you need to become a member now.

Why Should You Join?

As McCloskey says, “If you are not passionate about Email Marketing, save your money.” As someone who has been a member since 2008, I could not agree more with that quote. The folks on this list are not only passionate about digital marketing, many of them live and breath it every single day. Current members include people at ever business level – those “in the trenches” all the way up to CEO (basically, anyone who is involved with email marketing in some form). There are members from the brand side as well as vendors (email service providers, deliverability monitoring companies, organizations who provide email change of address services, etc.). Check out the current list of members to see some of the big name companies and brands represented.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, read some of the many testimonials. Also, be sure to look at some of the membership benefits.

I’m In. Now What?

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, I’m interested. Sign me up. Oh wait, what’s the cost of membership? You have 2 payment options:

  1. Monthly: $20 a month and you can cancel at any time
  2. Annual: $200 a year. This is the most popular plan with the Influencers.

As a bonus, if you sign up and put my name – DJ Waldow – in the “I was nominated by” field, you’ll save 10%* ($20) on your annual membership fee. Yeah, I get that it’s *only* $20, but that’s a few beers or cups of coffee. Seems worth it to me!

I promise, you will not regret it.

Full disclosure: While I’m a member of and advocate for Only Influencers, I’m not receiving any form of compensation for this blog post or anything associate with it.

*Bill will send you a $20 rebate after you pay the $200 membership fee.

DJ Waldow