Scoop Review: A New Tool To Manage Your Inbox

Justine Jordan announced Scoop on the Litmus blog recently. Scoop is a new tool that promises to help manage your inbox. As described in the post,

Scoop grabs all the emails we signed up for and routes them into a single daily digest that we can read each day. We can choose what time we’d like to catch up on the latest from our favorite restaurants and retailers, and skip over the messages we’re not interested in today. Scoop is smart, too. It gets to know our preferences, and pushes our favorites to the top. If we decide we’d like emails delivered right away (or never again!), Scoop can handle that, too.

Justine was kind enough to let me in on the (very) early Beta version of Scoop. I’ve been using it for a few days now and have to say, I’m quite impressed. While it certainly is showing a few false positives, overall it works as promised. One thing to note if you are on the email marketer side (someone who sends emails on behalf of your company): When Litmus “Scoops” your emails, an open is registered. This has the potential to skew some open rate metrics for senders.

Below is my 5-minute review of Scoop. I’d love to hear your thoughts! (apologies for a few “scratchy” moments in the recording)

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DJ Waldow