3 Ways to Find and Engage New Email Subscribers with SMS [WEBINAR]

If you are like most Americans, you likely engage in at least one of these 3 activities (if not all 3) every single day: Email, Facebook, Texting.

If you are a teenager, you may be sending thousands of text messages every month (see: my cousin).

If you are my 2 year-old daughter, you already know how to navigate an iPhone. (True story: Since she was about 20 months old, Eva has been able to unlock my iPhone, find the photos, and navigate (swipe) to the ones she wants to see. Yesterday I showed her how to take pictures with the iPhone. She picked it up in a matter of minutes. Yup.)

If you’ve followed Waldow Social (and/or me) for some time now, you know that I’m an email marketing guy. However, I’m becoming more of an SMS guy as well. With open rates on text messages close to 100%, it’s hard to ignore this powerful channel.

That’s why I’m joining forces with my friend, colleague, and mobile marketing ninja, Justin Mastrangelo on July 19th at 11AM PT (2PM ET) for a webinar titled, 3 Ways to Find and Engage New Email Subscribers with SMS.

Justin and I will uncover how to use SMS (text messaging or “texting”) to … well … find and engage new email subscribers.

In this July 19th webinar, Justin and I will discuss:

  1. Ways to use traditional media, events, and foot traffic to grow your email list through text messaging
  2. Tips on using a welcome email series to quickly engage new subscribers
  3. Strategies for using email and SMS together to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness
You can sign up by clicking the link above, or, if you are most of a button clicker, tap on the button below to register.

When it comes to mobile marketing, Justin is one of the sharpest minds in the industry. Be sure to check out his SMS Marketing software, JA.TXT, and follow him on Twitter to stay in the loop on everything SMS-related (and more)!

See you, virtually of course, on July 19th!

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DJ Waldow


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  1. [...] Last week, my friend and colleague Justin Mastrangelo and I hosted a webinar, 3 Ways to Find and Engage New Email Subscribers with SMS. [...]