Netflix Email: Great? Terrible? Who Cares?

Netflix Blog PostThe internet is abuzz today with news of the the Netflix email, blog post, and general announcement about Qwikster. In case you missed it, check out the blog post from Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and CEO, Netflix.

If social networks are any indication, this is the top story of the day. As I write this, that blog post has nearly 4,000 tweets, 14,000 Facebook likes, and close to 13,000 comments*. A quick glace will tell you that many in the Netflix community are not happy with the price increases, the tone of the blog post, the “explanation and reflections” from Mr. Hastings, and the rebranding of Netflix to Qwikster choice. Speaking of the name Qwikster, it would appear that the Twitter handle has already been claimed by someone else, Jason Castillo (note the avatar).

*These social sharing numbers are likely all gross underestimates too as many folks do not use the on-blog 3rd party sharing services.

However, I’m not here to judge the decision by the Netflix Team. I’m not here to comment on how it has (or will) impact their stock price. I’m not even here to talk about Elmo smoking.


I want to discuss and dissect how Netflix chose to communicate these changes via email.

As it turns out, I no longer am on the Netflix email marketing list. My hunch is that they unsubscribed me once I canceled our service over 2 years ago. Makes sense, actually. Then again, it may have been an opportunity to try and reconnect with me, an opportunity to share this (exciting?) news. But I digress.

A colleague sent me a copy of the email from Mr. Hastings. The email is an exact replica of the Netflix blog post with a bit of first name personalization at the top and a link to the blog post at the bottom tossed in. See the image above left to get an idea of what the email looked like.

Netflix Email: Great? Terrible? Who Cares?

So, was this email from Netflix great? Was it terrible? Or are you in the “who cares?” camp? Personally, I think it was on the not-so-great side.

Listen, I understand the intention of the email. I get that the CEO (I think) was trying the “I’ll apologize and maybe our community will empathize” angle. The language of the email was fairly apologetic. Phrases like, “I messed up” and “I offer my sincere apology” are a big part of this email. However it also has a section explaining the reasoning behind some of the changes.

From a pure design standpoint, I didn’t love this email. It was on the long(ish) side. It was all text – with the exception of the link at the end directly subscribers to the blog post. That blog post read nearly word for word what the email said. They did, however, include a link to this YouTube video. Again, whether or not you agree with the email – the tone, the message, etc – I wonder why they didn’t include a link and/or an clickable image that pointed to this video. It would have broken up the email nicely. It would have given a reason to click, a reason to share. For more visual “learners” it would have been an alternate way to consume the content.

As I often ask clients, what is the goal of your overall email campaign? How do you hope your subscribers will respond to your email communications? Do you want them to simply read it? Read and share? Click-through to a website/blog post? Buy something? Register for an event? Maybe the Netflix Team had thought through these questions. Maybe they did have a goal. It just wasn’t clear from this email what action they wanted me to take.

Equally important to the “what is your goal” question is “Are you ready for the response?” My bet is the the Netflix Team did not anticipate this uproar. Maybe they did. Maybe. I wonder how many replies there were to this email. I wonder if it would have made a difference if they created a “share your thoughts” link that pointed to landing page where subscribers could voice their reaction. Just a thought.

Finally, I’m not here to pile on to the heat Netflix is taking today, this week, and into the future. I’m merely trying to take a different look at their communication – from the email marketing side.

What do you think? Great email? Terrible email? Who cares? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

DJ Waldow

The 7 Deadly Social Media Marketing Sins [Webinar]

DJ Waldow and Eric Boggs

In case you were wondering, in the picture above, I’m the guy on the left and my good friend, former co-worker at Bronto, and current CEO of Argyle Social (Eric Boggs) is on the right.

(Semi-related blog post about Eric I wrote 2+ years ago.)

Why did I include that image? As the title of this blog post indicates, I’m joining Eric on Thursday, September 22 at 1PM ET for a webinar – The Seven Deadly Social Media Marketing Sins.

During this webinar you will learn:

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13 Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Social Fresh LogoYesterday, I had the honor of presenting at Social Fresh Charlotte. If you’ve never heard of Social Fresh, read this post first. Jason Keath puts on one helluva show. Charlotte did not disappoint. Besides being able to catch up with some long-time friends and bear hug some folks I met for the first time face to face, I was able to do what I love most – present on a topic that I’m passionate about (email marketing) to a live audience.

I’m a big believer in face to face. Social media is great – in many many ways – but nothing beats having a conversation with someone while looking them in the eye. Having a cup of coffee, swapping stories over dinner, shooting the breeze over a few pints of beer – there is nothing better.

However, this post is not about face to face. It’s about 13 Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List, specifically my slides from yesterday’s talk. If you were unable to see the live presentation (face to face), you can view it now:

Can’t see the slides? Try viewing directly on Slideshare.

If you have any specific questions about the presentation, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below. Additionally, you can fill out this form and we’ll reply shortly.

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